Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JangoMail Launches Integration with Google Analytics


While we haven't officially announced this yet, it is available for you to use - our integration with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free web site analytics tool that tracks the success of your web site by measuring page views, landing pages, exit pages, funnel paths, conversions, and provides this data to you in various formats as well - raw data, as a map overlay on the world, or as a graphical overlay on top of your web site.

JangoMail's integration with Google Analytics allows you to track the success of your web site specifically after you send a mass e-mail campaign to your recipients through JangoMail.

JangoMail has always provided its own built-in web analytics tool - we simply refer to it as Web Site Activity Tracking, and you can learn more about it in this PDF tutorial.

Now, with our integration with Google Analytics, you can use both -- JangoMail's built-in analytics tool and Google Analytics -- for the best of both worlds.

How to do it

There are a few simple steps to get started with JangoMail and Google Analytics.
  1. To setup a free Google Analytics account, go to
  2. Add the Google Analytics JavaScript code to all pages of your web site that you want tracked.
  3. Turn Google Analytics on in your JangoMail account by logging in, going to My Options --> Google Analytics.
  4. Make sure you enable Click Tracking on all of your outbound e-mail campaigns.
And you're done. Turning on Google Analytics in your JangoMail account appends a few parameters to your final destination URLs in your e-mail campaigns. These parameters are:

utm_source (set to "JangoMail")
utm_medium (set to "EmailMarketing")
utm_content (set to the recipient's email address)
utm_campaign (set to the Subject of your campaign plus the JangoMail Campaign ID in parentheses after the Subject)

For example, if your e-mail campaign links to then if you enable Click Tracking and you turn on Google Analytics under My Options, when a recipient of your email clicks the link to, he will actually be taken to:

We recommend using JangoMail's inherent Activity Tracking feature in conjunction with our integration with Google Analytics. You can turn on Activity Tracking in your account by going to My Options --> Activity Tracking. Doing so will add two additional parameters to your destination URL (jmid and j):

JangoMail Analytics vs. Google Analytics

Note that JangoMail's Activity Tracking feature works by placing a one-line img tag at the bottom of all of your web pages, while Google Analytics works by placing several lines of JavaScript at the bottom of all your web pages.