Sunday, March 22, 2009

Group Importer Enhanced

We have deployed a fix to the JangoMail Group Importer that allows the record delimiter to appear in between a pair of text qualifiers, and for all data to be properly imported.

For example, if in an uploaded import file, the record delimiter is the "newline" character and the field delimiter is a "comma", and the text qualifier is a double-quote character, then data my look like:

EmailAddress,FirstName,CustomerFeedback,John,You guys are the best!,Jane,You need improvement.,Mike,Thanks for your hard work

This data would always import properly, but if a particular value contained the record delimiter, the data would previously not import properly, even if the value was surrounded by the text qualifier. For example:

"","John","You guys are the best!
Thanks for all that you do."
"","Jane","You need improvement."
"","Mike","Thanks for your hard work"

This time Record 1 has a longer CustomerFeedback value. Record 1 of this data has a "newline" in the middle of the CustomerFeedback value. Even though the entire value is surrounded by the text qualifier (a pair of double-quotes), previously, the entire value would not be imported. Now, with our Group Importer enhancement, this is now fixed. Additionally, should the field delimiter appear in between a pair of text qualifier characters, this situation will also be accommodated, as it has always been.