Thursday, March 26, 2009

Non IE browsers will no longer be able to switch to Simple HTML Editor

JangoMail provides two different HTML editors for composing email campaigns: the Simple HTML Editor and the Enhanced HTML Editor. The Simple HTML Editor was the editor we first provided when JangoMail was created, and it only works with Internet Explorer. In 2004, we introduced the option of a much more powerful Enhanced HTML Editor that works with all browsers. You can choose which HTML Editor you want to use under My Options --> Send Email Page.

Previously, a non-IE browser, like Safari or Firefox, a user could choose to use the Simple HTML Editor, and then on the actual Send Email page, an error would be displayed, often times confusing the user. To avoid this confusion, we have now made it so that when using a non-IE browser, you will not be able to select the Simple HTML Editor.

Additionally, if your account is already set to use the Simple HTML Editor, and you login with a non-IE browser, the Send Email section will default to the Enhanced HTML Editor.

Additional Information for Techies:

The Simple HTML Editor is ActiveX based, and therefore only works with Internet Explorer. The Enhanced HTML Editor is a Java applet, and is therefore browser-independent.