Friday, March 20, 2009

New layout for "Send Email" page coming this weekend

After years of adding new features to the main Send Email page of JangoMail, a new design has arrived to make using these features easier. We will be deploying the new Send Email page this weekend. Attached to this email message is a GIF screenshot of the new layout, showing the re-designed "Advanced Options" section.

Now, the items underneath Advanced Options have been categorized. Each category can be expanded and collapsed using the +/- symbols. Additionally, all categories can be expanded/collapsed at once using the "expand/collapse" links next to the title "Advanced Options".

Some noteworthy changes:
  1. The Plain Text Message field has been moved to the top.
  2. The Tracking options are now below the Plain Text Message section
  3. The Mark as Template checkbox has been moved to the Miscellaneous section.
We hope this new layout will make this page easier and faster to use (click image to see full size):