Monday, March 23, 2009

New behavior for "Forced Recipients" option

JangoMail allows users to specify up to ten email addresses in a "Forced Recipients" box under My Options. Using this option forces JangoMail to send a copy of every email campaign sent through the account to the addresses specified here.

Previously, these addresses would get filtered out of a campaign if these addresses were also on the account's Unsubscribe List or Bounce List for example. So previously, there were cases where these addresses did not receive a copy of the email campaign.

We have modified the behavior of this feature such that the addresses in the "Forced Recipients" box now override data in the Unsubscribe List, Bounce List, or any other filtering mechanism when sending a campaign.

Therefore, specifying email addresses in the "Forced Recipients" box will guarantee that every email campaign is sent to these addresses.