Thursday, March 19, 2009

Group Imports now support foreign languages

You can now import foreign characters into Groups using the "Import Members" function. Previously, foreign characters imported into Group fields would be garbled. But now, foreign characters are properly stored in Group fields.

Below is a screenshot where data, including Chinese and Arabic characters, will be imported into the Group "Customers":

In this example, the data is copied/pasted into the form, but you can also upload a data file containing foreign language characters.

Uploading Files Containing Foreign Language Characters:

If you upload a file containing foreign characters into a JangoMail Group, make sure the file is saved as a Unicode file, and NOT a UTF-8 encoded file. The below image shows how to save a file as a Unicode file in Windows Notepad (click image to see full size):

API/Web Service Reference:

The Group Import methods, ImportGroupMembersFromData and ImportGroupMembersFromFile have also been enhanced to support foreign language characters.